PGR, what it is all about?

As an introduction

Last year, I've promised on the pages of forum a 'gravel' version of the Carpathian Madcap (Karpacki Hulaka). Unfortunately, due to injuries, I was unable to check the planned route in the autumn of 2018, so I gave up on this idea. Therefore, the third edition of the Carpathian Madcap sticks to the previous convention. But the idea for a route with a significant gravel sections remained. Today I am pleased to announce that, thanks to the support and initiative of several people, we decided to start with a new cycling event this season!!!

PGR is a one bad*ss abbreviation, you have to admit it 😉

Adventure, mountains, a bike are not the only associations that it evokes, especially when we add a handful of information, in the form of a few numbers:
  • approx. 760 - 800 470 km
  • approx. 40% of the route is ideal for a gravel bike,
  • over 17 000 over 8000 m elevation gain,
  • 4 3 days = 96 80 h time limit,
  • mass start.

It promises to be a difficult, gravel marathon, which may adopt a strictly sporty character in a year's time. This year however, we want to get to know better the terrain through which it goes. We want to introduce PGR to the ultra community in Poland. We want it to exist not only in the imagination of people who dream about a gravel event in the mountains, but also to become an event in which you will take part.

I deliberately write in plural, because from March 12 this year, there is more people who are standing behind the organization of the marathon. We have established the Koło Ultra Association, which organizes, among others, the Traveler's Marathon, the Północ-Południe Marathon and the Carpathian Madcap.

Bearing in mind the fact that we present to you the PGR at the beginning of the new cycling season, and there are many well recognized events and popular marathons in the cycling calendar, such as Wisła 1200 and Transcarpatia, very similar to PGR, we want to propose a different formula. A mass start, but without racing. Solid ride, but also a good time spent with the group of other cyclists. The 72-hour limit, after which, at the finish line, there will be no podium, no prizes and no flash of cameras, but a pint of beer and a handshake.

That's the plan, and you are part of it. Your photos, videos, relationships ... this place will be open to you. We think that there is a huge demand for a self-supported, multi-day cycling event, on a mountain route dedicated to gravel bikes. Near soon, because on April 1, we will start subscriptions. In the meantime, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the planned track.

In the name of the Organizer
Krzysiek Sobiecki

PS: In the comments, try to find out the meaning of the PGR abbreviation 🙂


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