Kolo Ultra Association

As the originator of the PGR and the former sole organizer of the Carpathian Madcap (Karpacki Hulaka), and also a member of the Północ-Południe Marathon (Maraton Północ-Południe) Chapter, together along with other organizers of other ultramarathons in Poland, I came to the conclusion that the organization of these events in its current form is incompatible with the the status they deserve.

Both - the Traveler's Marathon (Maraton Podróżnika) and the Północ-Południe Marathon (Maraton Północ-Południe) are events that popularized long-distance cycling in Poland; after two years of existence, Carpathian Madcap (Karpacki Hulaka) has already gained recognition among those who enjoy cycling in the mountains. The number of participants is growing from year to year, and a multitude of new ultramarathons is growing like mushrooms after rain, so we see that organizing subsequent releases of MPP, MP and KH as events of organized by several acquaintances is burdened with too much risk (starting from legal and financial issues). Due to the above, and taking into account further perspectives for development of our events, including PGR, it became necessary to formalize the organization.

For this purpose we've created a registered association called the Koło Ultra Association. The formalization will allow us to provide a lawful organization in the financing of events, that our Association will carry out. It will also allow for better cooperation with companies and local governments. The established Association will deal with the organization of three marathons associated with our online forum "Podróżerowerowe.info", i.e. the Północ-Południe Marathon, the Traveler's Marathon and the Carpathian Madcap, as well as the next ultra events that we plan to organize, like PGR.

The members and founders of the Association are: Elizium, Hipcia, Hipek, Mijah, Olo, tomek, Wąski, yoshko i skrzysie.k – i.e. the undersigned 🙂

Krzysiek Sobiecki


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