Pretty important message

Dear Gravelovers,

Our route check in May resulted in rather profound changes in the current course of the route. We gave up on a significant part of the western section, which turned out to be far too unfavorable for the gravel adventure. At the same time, we focused on the areas that most fully implement our vision of the gravel mountain event and the ideas behind PGR, and at the same time, as we are deeply convinced, will give you the most fun while facing the route.

With that said, the PGR receives the course: Przemyśl - Krynica-Zdrój, which translates into a distance of 448 km and an elevation gain of 8,432 m. The route is available both on the marathon page and under this link:

Due to the shorter distance, the time limit of the pilot edition is also shortened - down to 72 hours.

The starting date remains unchanged. Your experience during the event, also remains the same, according to the slogan: adventure - mountains - bike.

Best regards
Koło Ultra



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