PGR - rules



The power lies in simplicity, so the regulations of the PGR Marathon boil down to these few points:

  1. The PGR marathon (hereinafter referred to as: the Marathon) is an event organized in the form of a tourist rally held by the Koło Ultra Association (hereinafter: the Organizer). The Marathon is not a sporting event and the Organizer provides finish times only for promotional purposes related to the eventual production and visualization of cycling outfits, for which the participant may place an order after finishing the Marathon.
  2. The Marathon is an event fully and completely devoted to the idea of ​​self-sufficiency, thus you start with what you have with yourself and use what you own or buy during the ride.
  3. The Marathon is an event in which you are dependent on yourself and your own invention, so it is prohibited to have a support car accompanying on the route, or to use any third party support - even the family and friends (in particular, it is forbidden to get help from friends or people living along the route in order to provide food, equipment, help with navigation or order accommodation, equipment repairs, etc.).
  4. You solve any bike failures or health problems on your own, using publicly available means such as public transport, taxi, auto-stop etc. After repairing the bike or getting medical help, you should return exactly to the place where you stopped your ride, in order to continue it.
  5. The Marathon is an event in which there is no restrictions in the style of the ride. Solo ride, pair ride, group ride - all these forms are allowed and accepted.
  6. The overriding principle of the Marathon is mutual trust - try to play a fair game.
  7. The participant of the Marathon agrees to the use and processing of his personal data by the Organizer for the purposes related to the event and the inclusion of his/hers first and last name on the website (in accordance with the Act of 27.08.1997 on Personal Data Protection, Journal of Laws 2002 No. 101 item 926) and to receive information from the Organizer by electronic means in accordance with the Act of 18.07.2002 (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item 1204). He/She also has the right to view and correct the posted data.